Friendly 404


  • ExpressionEngine Version 1.6.x
  • PHP 5.x.x


Friendly 404 is free for personal and commercial use.

If you use it commercially use a donation of $10 is suggested. You can send donations here.

Friendly 404 is licensed under a Open Source Initiative - BSD License license.


This file pi.friendly_404.php must be placed in the /system/plugins/ folder in your ExpressionEngine installation.


Friendly 404


Returns suggestions of weblog entries on a 404 page.


The plugin attempts to match entries to the last segment of the 404 URL helping users to find pages that match what they were looking for.

Add the following to your 404 template

	{if count == 1}<ul>{/if}
		<li><a href="{auto_path}">{title}</a></li>
	{if count == total_results}</ul>{/if}

If no match is found nothing will be shown


The following parameters are available:

limit - limits the number of entries returned (default: 5)

{exp:friendly_404 limit="10"} 

weblog - limits entries to weblogs defined by their short name (default: show all weblogs)

{exp:friendly_404 weblog="news|jobs"} 

Single Variables



{exp:friendly_404 limit="10"}

Only 10 results will be returned

{exp:friendly_404 weblog="news|services"}

Only results from the news and services weblogs will be returned


Friendly 404 is licensed under a Open Source Initiative - BSD License license.

You can open a ticket over at Lighthouse. As this is free software the response time can vary.

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