If you are looking to use CKEditor and require more features and support please consider Brandon Kelly’s Wygwam Extension.



CKEditor is free for personal and commercial use.

If you use it commercially use a donation of $5 is suggested. You can send donations here.

CKEditor is licensed under a Open Source Initiative - BSD License license.


Download CKEditor from the CKEditor website. Extract the zip file and place the ckeditor folder in the root of your site.

The file ext.ckeditor.php must be placed in the /system/extensions/ folder and the lang.ckeditor.php file must be placed in the /system/language/english/ folder of your ExpressionEngine installation.

Log into your control panel and go to CP Home » Admin » Utilities » Extensions Manager. Activate the extension. You may set preferences here and set CKEditor configuration.

Refer to the documentation for more information on configuration options.




Converts textareas to a CKEditor Rich Text Box


CKEditor is an update to the extension written by Jit and published here.

It converts textareas into CKEditor rich text boxes.

Configuration options

URL of CKEditor Script

This is the path to the CKEditor Script. If you put your /ckeditor folder in a non-standard location set this here. Otherwise the extension should detect this for you.

CKEditor Configuration

This provides site authors with the ability to add configuration options to CKEditor. Refer to the documentation for more information on configuration options

A simple example would be to set a Basic toolbar like this:

    toolbar : 'Basic'

When CKEditor loads

This sets when an CKEditor box is loaded.

  • On single click - the editor loads when there is a single click in a textarea

  • On double click - the editor loads when there is a double click in a textarea

You can open a ticket over at Lighthouse. As this is free software the response time can vary.

# Ticket Milestone Created at Updated at Status


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